Detecting potentially deadly

Detecting potentially deadly ‘Aussie Flu’, the H3N2 influenza A strain spreading across the northern hemisphere


The worst flu season in over 50 years is expected across the northern hemisphere after the emergence of a deadly strain that is known as ‘Aussie Flu’. The H3N2 strain of influenza A mutated which left the ‘flu’ vaccine ineffective. This strain is highly contagious and can have developments if not treated such as pneumonia. It is vital to diagnose the disease early so proper action can be taken to prevent complications to the illness. ‘Aussie Flu’ is currently prevalent in countries that are in the peak of their flu season.

  • qPCR is a vital tool for rapid and accurate detection of human influenza subtype H3: including human H3N2 also known as ‘Aussie Flu’.
  • Primerdesign produce a kit that is available to detect this deadly strain of the influenza A virus: genesig Real-Time PCR Kit for Human Influenza A Subtype H3
  • A lyophilised product for easy shipping at room temperature.
  • genesig Real-Time PCR Kits have been optimised for ease of use on all qPCR cyclers with sensitivity to <100 copies of target.

Additionally, the genesig Real-Time PCR Kits for Human Influenza A Subtype H3 can also be run on the genesig q16, the most affordable qPCR instrument on the market. This qPCR cycler is small and highly portable, and is incredibly easy to use with fast automated data analysis.